D wight Howard

they would just be like go get whatever and i would go get it for them to leave me alone,” he told CNN in an interview. “And i’m like oh shit, what the fuck are you doing with your life ? What are you doing with the whole fucking world ?”

D wight Howard, left , in an und ated photo from the 2000s , was on his way to pick up his daughters from a daycare center when he stopped for a bathroom break, his lawyer said. He was arrested by officers who found him with an open container of alcohol and a small amount of cocaine , the lawyer told CNN on Friday . The family told the police they thought it was marijuana . The charges were eventually dropped . Howard was jailed for about 20 hours . He had a hearing to decide whether to hire a lawyer, but never took the call . ” I don ‘t know what was on his mind,” said the lawyer, who asked not to be identified by name because the case has not been adjud icated. “What he did is the same as anybody else who does that kind of

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